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I would like to share with you and your customers my photography. Photographs from in and around our oceans that are sure to make you smile. After lots of scuba diving training, practice, plenty of traveling, lots of film and more than a disappointment or two; I have put together a collection of my favorite photographs from my travels. Photographs that I have found most people really enjoy. Images of life that is so diverse, incredible and hidden, it is often difficult to believe that it really exists. I hope that through these wonderful pictures others will become aware of the beauty within our oceans.

A large selection of original photographs are offered. The photographs can be selected by browsing through a catalogue or through our web site at www.UnderTheSeaPhoto.com. While an image of every underwater creature is not available yet, the selection includes many favorites. All photographs are individually signed by the photographer and are all available as 8-1/2”x11” prints. The prints come mounted on standard 11”x14” navy blue (acid neutral) mats and mat backer. A brief description of the photograph is hand lettered on the mat. The photograph and mat are neatly packaged in resealable plastic protective covers and are nicely labeled. The prints can easily be displayed with a pre-molded plastic display frame as illustrated.

Two types of 11”x14” frames are available. An economical thin black plastic frame or a heavier black wood frame can be purchased. The wood frame is also available in a cherry color by special order. Frames are ready for wall mounting.

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