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Photography is for fun.

I certainly do not take underwater photography as seriously as many people. In fact, when I dive, getting a good picture is on the bottom of my check list.

During the dive, my first priority is diving safely and sticking with my dive buddy. That is much more important and difficult than taking the pictures. In fact, when traveling alone, I have been on many dives with my camera and never took a single picture because my assigned dive buddy needed my attention (even rescuing once). Equally important is concentrating on your own diving, monitoring your gauges, navigation, etc. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a dive (shark dives in particular) and never realize that you are low on air or that your deeper than planned.

Second, I concentrate on not disturbing the reef and its life. I don.t take a picture if I have to grab hold of the reef for balance, bump the coral with my body or fins or chase the subject. I.ve found that you don.t have to. Instead, pass on that opportunity for another one; there are plenty to choose from. I would rather have the quality of my pictures suffer before making the reef suffer.

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